What If I Don’t Qualify

What If I Don’t Qualify?

Ecosave are committed to supplying as many customers with Free Cavity Wall Insulation as the Energy Company Obligation scheme funding will allow, however, it depends on your personal circumstances:

  1. In receipt of certain benefits
  2. Property Suitability
  3. Property Type
  4. Existing Cavity Wall Insulation
  5. Existing energy saving measures already in place

The above are all assessed and taken into consideration when funding through the Energy Company Obligation scheme.

The first thing you should do is complete our quick 60 second form which gives an indication weather funding is available in your area.

Upon receipt, we will contact you via telephone to confirm some information, we may ask for some additional info if applicable


The level of funding available will be subject to a free no obligation survey.

60 Second Eligibility Check

Insulation Grants, Find out if you qualify now


What Happens Next?

We will now be in the position to tell you exactly the level of funding that is available, this decision is not taken by Ecosave, but by the criteria laid out in the Government backed ECO scheme.

The good news is Ecosave have a very high completion rate!

What are you
waiting for?

Cavity wall

What if I don’t qualify for any funding?

While our aim is to install as many funded installations as possible, the fact is that some personal circumstances and/or house types etc will not meet the criteria set out in the Energy Company Obligation.

However, Ecosave are committed to finding a low-cost solution for all that don’t qualify.

In this instance Ecosave promise that we will:

  1. Offer a no upfront cost alternative.
  2. Spread the cost over up to 10 years
  3. Install the same latest quality product that’s offered through the ECO scheme.
  4. Offer the same 25-year guarantee as through the ECO scheme.
  5. Offer the same highly experienced Installation teams.

And the best news is that, for most customers taking this route, the monthly cost of the insulation is part or more than covered by the energy savings provided by your new Cavity Wall Insulation!